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Firearms expertise can be complicated.

Obtaining such expertise for your client doesn’t need to be.

When a crime or tort includes the use of a firearm, a criminal defendant or plaintiff-in-tort needs the consultation and testimony of a firearms expert. If you are defending your client in a firearm crime, a violation of municipal/state/federal firearms statutes, or if you are moving your civil plaintiff’s case forward, you need a technical firearms expert with a winning history on your litigation team.

We are available to discuss the actual and potential case merits and defenses, identify issues, and make expert recommendations.

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Immersed in the firearms industry since 1984, G&G offers various forensic firearms services to support your litigation strategy.

  • Case Review & Re-examination of Evidence

  • Firearms Testing & Evaluation

  • Digital Trigger Pull Analysis

  • Ammunition Evaluation & Testing
  • Cartridge Case Ejection Pattern Tests
  • Fingerprint Expertise

  • Shooting Scene Reconstruction & Re-enactments
  • Gunshot residue analysis (GSR) & GSR Consultation
  • Distance Determinations from Gunshot Wounds & Clothing
  • Gun Safety & Design Issues
  • Crime Scene Examinations & Consultations
  • DNA Expertise

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Self-defense Event Analysis
  • Tortious Liability Review
  • Negligent Use Evaluation & Testimony
  • Bullet & Cartridge Case Comparison Microscopy

  • Catastrophic Firearm Failure Analysis

  • Forensic Pathology

Your Defense Team

For over 35 years, the G&G Firearms Experts team has been providing expert knowledge, analysis, consultation, and expert witness testimony to criminal defense teams.

Alice Danas


“Based upon Greg’s knowledge of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, we were able to successfully cross-examine the Commonwealth’s alleged ballistic expert and expose the weakness in their case. G&G Firearms are professionals who maintain a high-degree of integrity, and I would not hesitate to use them in any firearms case.”

Arthur Tourkantonis, Attorney at Law

“Thank you for your expert assistance in helping us evaluate a recent case involving firearms safety. You conducted your investigation professionally, discretely, and confidently, and I do not hesitate to recommend your services as a firearms safety expert.”

Jonathan D. Sweet, Counsellor at Law

“All your hard work in identifying the firearm, getting the appropriate instruction manuals, viewing and identifying the weapon, and then finding a similar weapon and doing a video for me clearly made the case for the defendant much, much better and ultimately contributed greatly to obtaining the favorable result we did. I cannot too highly recommend G&G Firearms to any other person who needs a true firearms expert.”

Ray Buso, Attorney at Law

“Performing services as a professional gunsmith, firearms trainer, and forensic ballistician, I highly recommend Mr. Danas as a qualified ballistician / forensic expert.”

Steven S. Kim, Esq.

“Please put G&G Firearms’ name at the top of your list when considering attorney referrals for ballistics experts. You will be doing him a favor.”

Chuck Mathers, Attorney at Law

Excellent reputation.

Peter Degelleke, Law Office of Peter G. DeGelleke

Highly skilled in his area of expertise as well as relevant case law. Great to work with!

Leah Metro, The Law Office of Leah J. Metro

Great knowledge, personable and informed in his field of ballistics and weapons.

Kathleen Prefontaine, Out of Sight Support Services

Professional and thorough expertise in firearm cases. Highly recommend!

Meg Stanley, Stanley Law Office

As an attorney, I’ve worked with Greg on numerous gun cases. His expertise with firearms is outstanding, resulting in victories in both civil and criminal cases. I recommend Greg, HIGHLY. If you have a gun case (civil or criminal) and you don’t have Greg Danas of G&G Firearms Experts, you’re already losing.

Pierre Rumpf, PCR Realty

Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Andrew Miller, Law Offices of Miller & Miller

Top shelf expert in his field and very easy to work with.”

Harold Rush-Lloyd, Law Office of Harold Rush-Lloyd

Greg Danas at G&G is extraordinarily knowledgeable, but more importantly, he is very relatable in explaining complicated concepts in a way that ordinary people unfamiliar with firearms can understand.

Craig Mulcahey, Counselor At Law

He is excellent.

Debra DeWitt, Ahern, DeWitt & Bryant

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