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Our technical expertise will help you navigate the complexity of issues involving firearms use and misuse. If your case or claim involves firearm/s, ballistics (bullets/casings), the presence of gunshot residue (GSR) or lack thereof, self-defense, post-conviction relief, or catastrophic failure analysis, G&G can assist. With over 40 years of firearms expertise, we are here to alleviate any concerns you have regarding your case or claim. When G&G learns all of the facts associated with your case, G&G will reflect on a level of expertise acquired from over 1,900 firearm-related cases. This expertise is unmatched by any other firearm expert service organization. G&G Firearms Experts will immerse themselves into your case from beginning to end with favorable results.

How will G&G assist me?

We offer consultations, re-examinations of evidence, trial preparation and testimony, and public defender training to help you feel confident and prepared in the courtroom. We have been testifying in superior and district courts since 1999. You can be confident that G&G will provide qualified professional service with results.

How do I obtain G&G services?

G&G will guide you through the process of obtaining a firearms and or gunshot residue expert so that we may provide timely services. Please visit our contact page to schedule an initial consultation, or contact us via phone at: 978-833-7255

How Can We Help Your Litigation?

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Meet the Team

For over 35 years, the G&G Firearms Experts team has been providing expert knowledge, analysis, consultation, and expert witness testimony to criminal defense teams.

Alice Danas


“Based upon Greg’s knowledge of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, we were able to successfully cross-examine the Commonwealth’s alleged ballistic expert and expose the weakness in their case. G&G Firearms are professionals who maintain a high-degree of integrity, and I would not hesitate to use them in any firearms case.”

Arthur Tourkantonis, Attorney at Law

“Thank you for your expert assistance in helping us evaluate a recent case involving firearms safety. You conducted your investigation professionally, discretely, and confidently, and I do not hesitate to recommend your services as a firearms safety expert.”

Jonathan D. Sweet, Counsellor at Law

“All your hard work in identifying the firearm, getting the appropriate instruction manuals, viewing and identifying the weapon, and then finding a similar weapon and doing a video for me clearly made the case for the defendant much, much better and ultimately contributed greatly to obtaining the favorable result we did. I cannot too highly recommend G&G Firearms to any other person who needs a true firearms expert.”

Ray Buso, Attorney at Law

“Performing services as a professional gunsmith, firearms trainer, and forensic ballistician, I highly recommend Mr. Danas as a qualified ballistician / forensic expert.”

Steven S. Kim, Esq.

“Please put G&G Firearms’ name at the top of your list when considering attorney referrals for ballistics experts. You will be doing him a favor.”

Chuck Mathers, Attorney at Law

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