Rick Bertaska

Rick Bertaska

Rick Bertaska has provided vendor services for G&G since 2012, serving as a Gunshot Residue (GSR) technician and analyst. Rick provides case-specific GSR analysis, including sample preparation, execution, and written reports as needed. Rick is the founder and president of New England Analytical (2004). In prior years, Rick was a lab manager at Composite Science & Manufacturing Program at Southern Maine Community College, the FA engineer/lab manager at Corning Lasertron, and a research staff member at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Corporation.

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“Based upon Greg’s knowledge of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, we were able to successfully cross-examine the Commonwealth’s alleged ballistic expert and expose the weakness in their case. G&G Firearms are professionals who maintain a high-degree of integrity, and I would not hesitate to use them in any firearms case.”

Arthur Tourkantonis, Attorney at Law

“Thank you for your expert assistance in helping us evaluate a recent case involving firearms safety. You conducted your investigation professionally, discretely, and confidently, and I do not hesitate to recommend your services as a firearms safety expert.”

Jonathan D. Sweet, Counsellor at Law

“All your hard work in identifying the firearm, getting the appropriate instruction manuals, viewing and identifying the weapon, and then finding a similar weapon and doing a video for me clearly made the case for the defendant much, much better and ultimately contributed greatly to obtaining the favorable result we did. I cannot too highly recommend G&G Firearms to any other person who needs a true firearms expert.”

Ray Buso, Attorney at Law

“Performing services as a professional gunsmith, firearms trainer, and forensic ballistician, I highly recommend Mr. Danas as a qualified ballistician / forensic expert.”

Steven S. Kim, Esq.

“Please put G&G Firearms’ name at the top of your list when considering attorney referrals for ballistics experts. You will be doing him a favor.”

Chuck Mathers, Attorney at Law

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